I feel unlovable – men always choose my close friends over me

07. April 2018 Love and Sex 0

This has happened with every man I’ve liked in the past decade. It’s disheartening and I’m starting to resent my friends

I was secretly in love with a friend for more than a year. When I confessed my feelings, he said he felt the same way but that it was bad timing – he had recently got out of a relationship. However, a month later he said he couldn’t see us progressing romantically. I recently found out that, around that time, he began seeing one of my best friends. She’s a lovely person, and a model, so it didn’t surprise me. The problem is that every man I’ve liked in the past decade has chosen one of my close friends over me. It is incredibly disheartening and I feel utterly unlovable. Worse still, I am starting to resent my friends. What can I do to stop feeling so bitter?

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