I have been dogging in secret for years. Should I tell my wife?

07. February 2018 Love and Sex 0

My constant casual encounters are beginning to make me feel guilty, but not enough for me to stop. So including her could be the solution

I have been going dogging in various car parks across the UK for more than eight years, and have never told my wife. We have a healthy sex life, but I feel I can’t talk to her about my sexual activity away from her. Recently, I’ve been considering suggesting dogging to her to gauge her response, but don’t want to alienate her. She’s in no way prudish but she’s not an exhibitionist. My constant casual encounters with men and women are beginning to make me feel guilty, but not enough to make me stop. So including her could be the solution.

I imagine it would be relatively easy for you to bring up the subject in a general way and, in doing so, you could gauge her attitude to the practice. If positive, you could perhaps suggest that you give it a try together. But it would be a huge mistake to imagine you could confess your experience in this area with impunity, or to assume that she might enjoy hearing about it, approve, or wish to participate.

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