Melania’s back. But where has she been? | Hannah Jane Parkinson

07. June 2018 Love and Sex 0

The US’s first lady went missing for 24 days as the rumour mill ground away. Let’s take a look at some possible scenarios

She’s back. Like the Backstreet Boys. Or Lazarus. But if Lazarus had had treatment for a “benign kidney infection”. We talk of course of first lady Melania, who hadn’t been seen for a full 24 days before an appearance on Monday night. (Which was closed to the press. So not really an appearance.)

President Trump hadn’t seemed too concerned by Melania’s disappearance, referring to her in a tweet as “Melanie”, and at one point telling the assembled press corps, “She’s doing great. Just looking at us, right there,” before gesturing to a window in which neither Melania, nor Melanie, was visible.

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