My boyfriend has difficulty climaxing. Is it because he masturbates too much?

07. April 2018 Love and Sex 0

He says he used to masturbate very regularly and believes he has become desensitised. The situation is taking its toll on him and I would dearly like to do something to help

I have been with my boyfriend for a while, and we have had plenty of sex but he has a hard time finishing. He says that he is very close to ejaculating but just can’t. We have each done research online, and looked into switching condoms, lubes, taking supplements and more. He often says that he used to masturbate very regularly and thinks that he may have become desensitised. The frustration is taking a toll on him and it would be so nice to find something that will help him.

Your sexual connection has been erroneously labelled “a problem”. Unless you need to become pregnant tomorrow, it is really not. Many people think there is only one right pattern to follow for lovemaking: a bit of foreplay followed by a session of intercourse that should lead to climaxing for both partners – ideally, at the same time. But any couple that sets such a goal will face disappointment. The human sexual response pattern can take many forms, and it is better to do what is most exciting at any given moment rather than try to fit a pattern.

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