My husband is always irritable, but says he wouldn’t be if we had sex more

08. December 2017 Love and Sex 0
I don’t want sex with a man who makes me feel guilty or ashamed at not wanting him

I am really frustrated with my husband. He is irritable, disengaged and sulky. When I ask what’s wrong, he replies “nothing”, but then later attacks me about how he would be in a much better mood if we had sex more. But I don’t want to have sex with a person who constantly tries to make me feel ashamed/guilty over not wanting him. Would opening up the relationship help?

When anger arises in a relationship and becomes as pervasive as it has in your marriage, it causes such a gulf between the partners that getting back on track – including recovering your erotic connection – can be enormously challenging. I understand your despair, but an open relationship is not the answer. What is required is a frank and respectful expression of true feelings, and a serious attempt by both of you to solve this impasse.

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