My life in sex: ‘I was paid £1,500 a night for posh dinners and dull sex’

07. July 2018 Love and Sex 0

The former escort

I’d had six sexual partners when I met my now ex-husband at 23; by the time I left him 10 years later, I’d had nearer 106. I didn’t realise it at the time, but our relationship was grounded on my ability to disassociate sex and love, and his madonna/whore complex. He kept me at arm’s length emotionally, but there was nothing he wouldn’t do to me physically.

As well as encouraging me to pick up one-night stands and visiting swinging clubs together, he encouraged me to become an escort. For several years, I spent my weekday evenings on trains to London where I was paid £250 an hour or £1,500 a night to have posh dinners and dull sex in expensive hotels. The money kept me doing it and I had some regular clients who were actually nice guys.

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