Your new partner may be hiding a debt secret – so ask | Radhika Sanghani

07. July 2018 Love and Sex 0
Asking about money is a dating taboo, but it’s worth risking looking unromantic and mercenary to find out the truth

There are questions that are acceptable on a date. Do you have siblings? Are you into rock climbing? Do you even like your job? And questions that just aren’t: when was the last time you had sex? What was your ex like? Are you in debt?

One of the biggest taboos when dating is discussing money. It’s awkward enough having to discuss the bill situation let alone asking what the other person earns and whether they’re in the red. It’s just not done in British society – to the point where people even find it uncomfortable to ask for pay rises, or tell their friends how much they earn. It’s seen as vulgar, crude, and – if you’re doing it on a date – peak gold-digger.

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